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Creating Pockets of Adventures

Blessed. This is the perfect word to describe my life. While not everything goes in the direction I hope, nor does it ever happen in the ways I plan, it's mine and I have joy. More often than not, I face obstacles and sometimes rather painful experiences that I find to be overwhelming at times. All the same, I conquer. I have faith in a few things: a higher power, that higher power within me, and in myself. Faith always carries me through and has brought me to where I am.

I think my life to be somewhat average in many ways. I am not poor, but I am not wealthy. I can usually obtain the things I want if I plan for them and budget in most instances. However, I wasn't always affluent enough to afford small luxuries, such as my beloved Starbucks habit or my car. These two things would have exceeded my budget by far if I were 23-years-old again.  

Though, one thing that I am wealthy with is ambition. I've always been wealthy with ambition. If I want something, I find a way to make it happen... it doesn't happen right away, but eventually with some hard work and dedication, it comes to fruition. I wanted to come out of poverty - I succeeded. 

I've always wanted a life full of adventure and to feel happy. I am not quite there yet, but I am close. To me, a simple moment of happiness is when I am able to roam about aimlessly, enjoying the smallest luxuries: fresh air, beautiful sights to see, new experiences, sunshine, and a peaceful surrounding. Something as simple as wandering through a farmer's market can be an adventure. I think about the new things to see - the new smells, people-watching, sounds and the rhythmic motion of footsteps on the pavement. These things are stimulating to my senses, making it an exciting adventure. The new and unknown experiences are the adventures worthwhile. They are everywhere. You don't have to wander far.

I posted an image on Instagram recently of a beautiful glass-dome covered hot tub with a sunset peaking through. This was while I was aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean. In the caption, I explained that my wanderlust was taking over and how I wished I could be back in that moment, but I was going to have to find contentment with where I am at now. I promised to talk about how to create adventures at home when traveling is unattainable. I will continue to share this #inspirationallife with how to create pockets of adventures everywhere here on this blog and also on my Instagram profile (@emalyce89 - go follow me!)

I believe in creativity - creating the life you want with what you have available to you. Aim to see things with eyes of adventure and have a positive attitude. Trust me, I do know that it isn't easy, but I can say this: I've come this far with further to go. My adventurous life speaks for itself. I made this happen with faith and determination. These things forge the path ahead and that itself is a blessing. You can get there too. Just have a little faith and create pockets of adventures of the life you want for yourself with where you are at now. 

So much love,



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