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BDV: Back on Schedule

It has been an interesting week - the sun is shining more, and warm weather is on its way, which is something that I am very much looking forward to!

I've been feeling more energized with this amazing sunshine, so I'm pushing for a regular upload schedule now. Saturday/Sundays for full tutorial uploads... and Tuesdays for my weekly tips! I am also planning on vlogging a bit more and uploading that to my Emmy Weiss channel, and more frequently for my AllThingsEmmy channel, although I'm not sure how that video schedule will look right now.
 Let's start with last weekend - I filmed, edited, AND uploaded this pink and green spring makeup look. It's very girly and wearable, and I really love how it turned out. The video is below, and the products used can be found here.

Although I had trouble getting that video uploaded on Saturday afternoon, I felt compelled to get out of the house to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine. I drove to see a friend, and we took her puppy to the dog park:

He looks almost evil or maniacal here (he's the little one on the ground). However, he met his play match in a slightly bigger and older puppy. SO cute! One day, when I own my own house and have a yard, I will have a puppy... a cute fluffy puppy.

One of the DIY projects I'm working on is for St. Paddy's Day - Here is a teaser photo of some of the clovers I'm making. I really adore how cute they turned out and the rich colors scream St. Paddy's Day, right?

I posted earlier last week regarding a popular salad dish that I made healthy by using substitutions for traditionally unhealthy ingredients. This is my Asian ramen slaw. SO yummy. I know that in picture, it doesn't appeal too much due to the density. If you want to read the post I created, just point your clicker here.

Now for a shocker. I had surgery this last week - oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I had a tooth that broke through the gum, but was pushing on my other molar, leaving me in a lot of pain. After going to my dentist and getting a referral, I went in for oral surgery the next day. I had attempted to sneak a picture of the x-rays of my teeth, but didn't have a chance. Sometimes it seems really hard to explain why I'm taking pictures of random things - it's almost just as awkward as it is to vlog in public.

A beautiful shot of the flowers in front of the dentist office. This is what I'll choose to remember in terms of my dental experiences. I have another appointment coming up this week, so hopefully these flowers will still be in full bloom. 

A PR sample that was sent to me - it's always exciting to get new makeup goodies to try out. By the way, this blush is beautiful when applied with a very light hand.

And, to end this long week, a little kitten love:

Ernie tucked in and snug as a bug in a rug. He is so adorable when he's sleeping, which is where he and I are about to do in a minute or two.

Goodnight and have the sweetest of dreams, my lovelies.


P.S. Be sure to check out both AllThingsEmmy and Simply Bellezza for some new videos this upcoming week!


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