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BDV: Springing Forward

I've been feeling tad bit depressed recently, which is something that I cannot be ashamed to admit. This blog serves to be a reminder that there is beauty in everything, so each time I blog about something here, it is because I find beauty in it and it also serves its purpose, at least for myself.

Last week was rough - some major changes and cuts at work meant that a lot of people are now searching for new jobs. I am very grateful that I still have my position, but it's still shocking to know that so many of my colleagues don't have that same comfort. I've also been under the weather with allergies and with my wisdom teeth coming in (I'm a late bloomer, I guess) and everything else added to that mix and - blah.

However, what gets me through is having beautiful weather and peaceful days. This is my week's story:

For Valentine's Day, my roommate ordered us all dinner - I chose a chicken salad from my favorite pizza place (and stole some of his crab rangoons). We sat around and watched zombie movies: Day of the Dead and Zombieland; we also watched the new Godzilla movie, which I found to be surprisingly good.

Sunday, I found myself needing to run some errands, one of which was to go to the car wash. I love the look of bubbly water on my windshield.

Since it has been starting to feel more and more like spring, I decided to stop by Sky Nursery, which is located in Shoreline. They're the biggest garden and nursery I've ever been to. I couldn't help but take pictures of all the beautiful flowers and plants there. Sky also has some amazing displays with bridges and sculptures - which I blogged about here.

To take advantage of the beautiful sunny day, I decided to go to a park to finish planning my week - no, not sponsored by Starbucks; I just really wanted a vanilla latte. :-) Go follow me on #Instagram if you want so see more images like this!

Looking out the office window after leaving a departmental meeting where we found out about the bad news at work. It's amazing how pretty a day it could be, even with some sadness.

I'd been stressed out trying to get my passport application submitted all week - having been given misinformation or bad instructions. I finally got it submitted on Friday afternoon (HALLELUJAH!). I can't wait to blog about where I am going! :-)

And, finally - the beacon of love and light this week: my Ernie-cat. Each night this past week, I would be fortunate enough to get to cuddle with this furbaby and let the stress of the day fade. This kitty has a heart of gold and is just a furry bundle of love. I'm so blessed to have him.

I am hopeful for a brighter week. Beauty is where we find it...where we seek and recognize it. Let's spring forward with positivity and light.

Much love to you all!


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