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Carkeek Park in Photographs: A Lovely Day

I was hoping to go to Carkeek Park this weekend as I thought the weather would have permitted, but our beloved Washington rain returned.

Carkeek Park is a beautiful forested park with hiking trails and a beach settled in Northwest Seattle. It's a little respite in the city and I go there every so often to hike up the hill or if I want a more serene moment listening to the waves crashing on the rocky beach.

I remember my first time going to Carkeek. I lived about a mile and a half away from the park and didn't own a car. I decided that I would walk to the park and go through some of the trails. Little did I know or realize just how much walking I would do that day...all the way down the Piper's Creek trail to Hillside Trail and down to the beach, and then, coming back, up South Ridge Trail and then onward home. I don't know how many miles I walked that day, but it showed in my achy body the next day and the blistered feet (note to self: thicker socks with that one pair of sneakers...).

I had a lot of fun with my nature walk as I had brought my Nikon camera with me and finally had learned how to turn on the macro setting. I snapped a lot of beautiful images. Here are a few that I took from that time:

A walkway surrounded in serene green.
Your path really could go anywhere. Follow it. The journey is beautiful.
Water and fallen trees make for delicious scenery.
So many textures and beautiful colors.
Paths don't always lead where you expect them. Detours are natural if you wish to remain dry.
"She took a train, she took a a little ole town without a name."
Golden beach with the sunlight peaking through the clouds.
And that was a small handful of images I took on that beautiful Carkeek day. Perhaps I'll share the flora images in a later post.

Remember to do what you love now. Don't wait. Something majestic may be waiting for you, but you won't know until you meet it on your path.

Dreaming of a lovely hike,



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