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BDV: Enjoying the Little Things

January 9th-18th, 2015

This week has been, for the most part, fairly relaxing. At work, I finally am caught up on some of the things I've been behind on, and it feels wonderful. I spent so much energy and time to focus on completing as many tasks to the best of my ability, and coming home from work, all I wanted to do all week was rest, which isn't a bad thing by any means.

As I've gotten older, I've begun to cherish my time at home even more. In the winter, it's so much easier to be a homebody than to go out and do things. I save that for the weekend, mostly. I don't think I'm alone in that since so many people have hectic lives filled with work, appointments, chasing the next paycheck, bills. All of those things can distract you from seeing the beauty in the little things, such as cozying up in bed with a good book or cuddling with your furbaby.

Saturdays are my days for errands, specifically shopping when needed. In Northgate of Seattle, it's a one-stop-shop since both Target (with a great grocery selection) and Ross are in the same vicinity. I was able to pick up some groceries and find a new journal, which you can read about here.
My Ernie-kins plopped himself on my lap, distracting me from editing my Aladdin-transformation video. He's such a wonderful help - you wonder why my videos are late? Blame the Ernie. ;-) He's an attention-seeker and is very persistent.
Sundays are usually lazy days. I watch a lot of Hulu and YouTube with my favorite snack: popcorn. I know that microwave popcorn isn't the healthiest, but some days I simply crave something a little salty. It's so delicious! What's your favorite kind of popcorn? I'm loving Pop Secret with Butter.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you may recognize this photo. As I lay on my tummy watching Hulu on my laptop, Ernie will often lay down on my back, kneading my shoulders. I have my own feline masseuse who came trained on his own. #BestCatEver
It was a foggy week, and being on the 7th floor at work, I have an excellent view of the cityscape. Look at all the heavy fog swarming between every building and space. There were times where we'd look out the window and see a thick curtain of a stormy blue and nothing more. #SeattleFog
I started reading this amazing book last weekend, but finally finished
it today. I will be posting a vlog reviewing it for you on my
Emmy Weiss YouTube channel
in the near future.
Payday was this week, so I treated myself to the food truck - Roll OK Please, who makes homestyle Indian food. I love my Indian food and it was a good sign that there were over 10 people in line to order when I was there as I had never eaten from them before. Totally worth it.
I brought my food back to my desk and it took me almost an hour to eat it all because there was so much food! So delicious though. I have to be honest though - I've never had an egg on my curry before, and amazingly it worked well with my paneer curry bowl!
And finally, getting ready for the Seattle Seahawks' game against
the Green Bay Packers this weekend...we're swarming with our
12 sign at work, and all of Washington must be green and blue from
a satellite view. So proud of our 'Hawks! Who do you hope wins
the Championship game?
I'm at home now, laying on my bed almost ready to fall asleep, as it is 10pm. I'm very happy with my relaxing week and seeing small things that bring me happiness.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



P.S. Don't forget to check out my latest video!


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