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Autumn Wonderland in Vegas

Hello my loves,

A little over a week ago, I was in the beautifully bright and delightful Las Vegas, and this time around, my travels were purely for vacation and not for work. I had every intention of taking in as much as possible and relaxing as this was the first real vacation I've had in a really long time. I had never been to Vegas before, so I was very excited to see the Strip, as I'm sure that most people are when they visit Vegas.

My friends had arrived a few days before me, and they had already been there before. However, with me never having been, on the first night there, they drove me down the Strip so that I could see the it at night...and all the glorious lights. As any vlogger probably does, I filmed some footage of the lights from the car... I may upload that later onto my Emmy Weiss channel, so go subscribe to keep up to date.

We were very lucky to stay in a beautiful condo with chill air conditioning and a gorgeous view of one of the numerous swimming areas. It was a luxuriously leisure-filled few days with relaxing in hot tubs and swimming pools, not to mention the eating delicious food and seeing exquisite sights. If I ever get to stay there again at this particular place, I must be reminded to float down the Lazy River on an inner-tube. It was very much worth it to sit in the hot tub with the jets going, albeit it being 85 degrees outside on my last day there though.

Relaxation helps us to rejuvenate, and when you do it in a new place, it gives you the opportunity to refresh and to revive yourself. For me, being in a new city with new things to see helped revive my senses to be able to see a beautiful life again. Vegas is called Sin City, but I only saw beauty because I knew what to look for...

One of the few things I actually wanted to see while there was the Bellagio Conservatory, a renowned garden seasonally designed to appeal to sightseers and botany lovers. My eyes must have been as wide as a child's eyes on Christmas Morning with the intricately detailed and gorgeous layout of the garden. So much to see in such a small space, yet it incorporated every aspect of the beautiful autumn season imaginable. It was truly an autumn wonderland. I'll let the images below speak for themselves...

My only regret is that I wish I would have been able to stay longer in the garden with some tea. If they had benches or someplace to comfortably sit, I would have gladly sat in there writing in my journal and taking in the beauty just a bit longer. It remains in my memories though, so I suppose I can meditate and pretend to be back in my magical autumn wonderland. I can even imagine all the shuffling of people away and that there was a slight breeze rustling the leaves in the trees... For others though, it may only be a dazzling sight, but for me, as autumn is my most favorite thing in the world, it was magical.

Dreaming in autumn wanderlust,

Your Em



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