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Serenity Snow for My Birthday

My birthday was officially on February 10th. I turned 25-years-old, which is still hard to comprehend. I often feel 17 in mind, so being seven years older than that realistically---well, that's something that seems altogether unrealistic.

As my birthday fell on a Monday this year, I chose to celebrate my birthday with my dear friends on the Saturday before.

My choice was to go to downtown Seattle and eat at one of my favorite restaurants: Mexican Cantina and Veracruz, which is located in beautiful Pacific Place. As I normally commute everywhere via bus, for my birthday instead, I chose to hire an Uber town-car. After all, I desired to arrive in style.

As we crossed I5 going southbound, we made notice to how soft the rain appeared, only to realize that it was snowing. It was a soft, wet snow that melted just before landing on the windshield.

To many people here in the Pacific Northwest, snow delivers stress. To me, on the other hand, it gives me peace. I love the downy appearance of snow everywhere. It reminds me of growing up in Montana where snow was an inevitable part of life. Growing up, life slowed down and I am very fond of many of the memories I have with my family--sledding, building snowmen, and creating snow angels.

When I was 10-years-old, we lived about half a mile away from my aunt, whom I loved to visit. I walked to her house to spend time and watch tv with her. She also always had hot cocoa and snacks and candy to share. On my way to her house, my nose hairs used to freeze to the inside my nose. As weird as it sounds, I really do miss that feeling! The air always smelled amazing--of chimney smoke. People burned pine and fir trees and the wintry air was delicious. That is what winter means to me-- sensuous memories that bring back peace.

While I didn't get a chance to make a snow angel or snowman, I did get a few moments of my long-past winter peace. With all that is going on in my life right now, it was very welcomed. I instantly felt as though I were 10-years-old again, dancing in the snow, imagining that this was a fairy dusting the world in snowy white glitter.

This was the best birthday gift. God granted me a beautiful moment of peace with the snow.

A very welcomed gift, indeed.


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