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Rest Now: It's okay. You're Not in a Race

Rest! Who seriously has time for that

Some days you just feel like crying
Before jumping into the topic, I want to give a brief intro to this new blog. I've decided to finally cave into creating a separate blog for my Bellezza di Vita posts...blogs that I used to write for my Simply Bellezza site that I didn't feel quite fit there. These posts are special to me as they are memories of my daily life made through pictures and anecdotes, and are also reminders to always seek the beauty of life.

It's not always easy though. Today, for example, I feel burnt out. Seriously exhausted with my life. I've got a lot going on that I don't really make mention of since I don't like to complain. It struck me after feeling irritable all day that life can truly stink at times. Missing the bus, for example--that can ruin my entire schedule. Having six hours of sleep due to crazy work and social schedules with a mix of homework: that can create exhausting 18-hour days. Eating the wrong food: I'm paying for it with stomach cramping the next day.

These things will seem trivial to me tomorrow, but they sure have an impact on me this much to the point that I am very irritated with everyone and everything around me, and that's something that weighs heavily on my heart. I am not a Debbie-downer and yet, I allow these circumstances to persuade my attitude to be less than lovely. 

My Ernie-beans likes to snuggle!

 As I am home, about to go to bed and snuggle with my Ernie boy, (my furbaby cat) I have a lot to be thankful for, but sometimes it is healthy to feel a little out of sorts when frustrated. To me, this is a sign to nurture myself and start slowing down a little to catch a breather. While life can often feel like a race or a big competition, we are each on our own paths and do not need to compete with others to accomplish anything. We set such high expectations for ourselves that we feel let down when we physically, emotionally, psychologically, or even realistically are unable to do as well as we think. This needs to stop. We have years to do what we need to do. Timelines are great for some things, but there is no due date on lifelong dreams or goals. 

I hope this helps someone out there. Much love and rest be to you all!

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