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Halloween with a Flair

Hi my dear readers, Okay, okay, so it has already been two weeks since Halloween, and three weeks since my big Halloween "Haunted House" themed party. I planned this party for weeks and weeks, to be honest. (My Pinterest boards are proof!) While I was excited to see all my crafty elements come together, I was most eager to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. Of one of my most favorite things to do is planning out themed parties and events, and what's even better is the enthusiasm brought by those who are participating in such events.  This makes for a true bellezza di vita.  Here are the photos from my photo booth... ... Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution. 2014 Halloween Party A gallery of photos of some of my most favorite people at my Halloween Haunted House. SeaGals - A Drag Version Seahawks #12 fans! flash 25 cameramake NIKON height 3000 camerasoftware COOLPIX L110V1.4 originaldate 8/15/2014 2:41:53 PM width 4

Autumn Wonderland in Vegas

Hello my loves, A little over a week ago, I was in the beautifully bright and delightful Las Vegas, and this time around, my travels were purely for vacation and not for work. I had every intention of taking in as much as possible and relaxing as this was the first real vacation I've had in a really long time. I had never been to Vegas before, so I was very excited to see the Strip, as I'm sure that most people are when they visit Vegas. My friends had arrived a few days before me, and they had already been there before. However, with me never having been, on the first night there, they drove me down the Strip so that I could see the it at night...and all the glorious lights. As any vlogger probably does, I filmed some footage of the lights from the car... I may upload that later onto my Emmy Weiss channel, so go subscribe to keep up to date. We were very lucky to stay in a beautiful condo with chill air conditioning and a gorgeous view of one of the numerous sw

What is Your Dream?

I've been pensive about dreams lately -- my own and others' dreams. I've often wondered what people desire to become or do. I don't know why it's so interesting, but I am completely fascinated with the various dreams and goals that people have. However, in essence, we all have similar goals: to live comfortably, be happy, but those are not exciting dreams. Being happy is just a mood. It's not an accomplishment (unless you have emotional issues). I love hearing people talk about their passions and dreams. It's refreshing to actually peel back layers of the average person to reveal what's in their heart. Dreams are, after all, stored there. What is it that drives you to live life? What is it th at you like to do and can you do it often? When we as a society think about dreams, it always seems to be in a future tense -- dreams are what are to be, not what is. And that is sad as we are living for the tomorrows of life. Let that sink in for a moment.

BDV: Okay, Okay, Okay. Inviting Change.

Okay, Okay, Okay. I'm trying to accept and maybe even invite change. The past couple of weeks have been vastly crazy yet chill. Crazy in a sense that I'm not entirely sure I maintained full sanity throughout the craziness at work, but chill in the sense that I really tried hard to just contain the relaxing flavor of the summer. The end of July and beginning of August brought in lower temperatures, but it is still fairly warm, just the same. I'm one of those types of souls who likes moderate temperatures. 65-70 degrees (F.) is perfect for me - in the summer and spring. Autumn - about 50. Winter. Well, that's a different story as it depends on my mood, my schedule, (which affects my mood greatly) and my location. I'll save that story for later. However, the heat makes for a great and "berry" nice weather for sun-ripened blackberries- a native Washingtonian favorite. While the heat is lower, so has the energy of everyone in my household, including my Er

BDV: Ernie-Berns and the Mad Hot-House

Hi loves, I've finally gotten back in the groove of things for blogging. The blogging world has somewhat escaped me as I do blog at work (my real-world job) so the thought of blogging outside of work is a little far-reaching, even though those worlds don't really collide, and I love to write. Silly how life gets in the way like that. ...okay, okay. Excuses, excuses. My schedule is going to be Friday to Friday for these #BDV (#BellezzadiVita) posts, just because that's how it worked out. My goal is to try and have this posted by Monday every week. And of course, this blog post is two days late! Haha! When I originally remembered to capture photos of my life for this particular week, I had forgotten to actually do it...  (It has been a long day, so please forgive my ramblings if they are non-sensical.) I decided to make these #BDV posts much more visually appealing with an interactive slideshow, as seen below, compared to the old style. How do you like it? Also, here

Good Grief

Sometimes it's hard to find beauty in this world when all we can see are ugly things happening.  I sit, typing and thinking about life with great grief in my heart. How do I stay positive albeit wanting to scream at the top of my lungs and cry for all the injustices? How do I stay illuminated when I want to cry in sadness for the losses and for the pain I see in others? When I'm numb or unable to feel anymore, how do I continue to be passionate about living my life? Purpose. Purpose says that I'm here for a reason. Purpose says that pain will happen, but it's what we do with it that matters. For me, my pain drives me to rise above. My life has been wrapped up turmoil from flames rising around me, to the drowning of the earth that holds me up. Broken glass has fallen around me, and yet, I stand.  I am unable to go into details, but I just want to be an encouragement to others out there that despite what you are going through, just know that you aren'

Life After Facebook, Day 1

Hi guys! Hope all is well in the interweb life for you all. For me, life has been a little bleak. After feeling frustrated with some scenarios that induced a significant amount of stress lately, I have decided to do without the source: Facebook.  I've been using Facebook since 2006, but had never ceased over these past eight years. Yes, 2006. I remember the old days when you had to tell it which college you attended, and how very limited it was. You had to know the email addresses of the friends you wanted to add, and everything was kind of boring. But then, it started to pick up and soon MySpace was abandoned for this new and fancy Facebook.  Do you "Like" my decision? Fast forward: I've seen a lot of friendships end on this site, and it's really depressing. For me, Facebook was always a tool to stay in touch with people, but thinking about it all, I am ready to have a new beginning--without Facebook. I will miss being able to see pictures of my

Serenity Snow for My Birthday

My birthday was officially on February 10th. I turned 25-years-old, which is still hard to comprehend. I often feel 17 in mind, so being seven years older than that realistically---well, that's something that seems altogether unrealistic. As my birthday fell on a Monday this year, I chose to celebrate my birthday with my dear friends on the Saturday before. My choice was to go to downtown Seattle and eat at one of my favorite restaurants: Mexican Cantina and Veracruz , which is located in beautiful Pacific Place. As I normally commute everywhere via bus, for my birthday instead, I chose to hire an Uber town-car. After all, I desired to arrive in style. As we crossed I5 going southbound, we made notice to how soft the rain appeared, only to realize that it was snowing. It was a soft, wet snow that melted just before landing on the windshield. To many people here in the Pacific Northwest, snow delivers stress. To me, on the other hand, it gives me peace. I love the d

Rest Now: It's okay. You're Not in a Race

Rest ... now ?! Who seriously has time for that ?  Some days you just feel like crying Before jumping into the topic, I want to give a brief intro to this new blog. I've decided to finally cave into creating a separate blog for my Bellezza di Vita posts...blogs that I used to write for my Simply Bellezza site that I didn't feel quite fit there. These posts are special to me as they are memories of my daily life made through pictures and anecdotes, and are also reminders to always seek the beauty of life. It's not always easy though. Today, for example, I feel burnt out. Seriously exhausted with my life. I've got a lot going on that I don't really make mention of since I don't like to complain. It struck me after feeling irritable all day that life can truly stink at times. Missing the bus, for example--that can ruin my entire schedule. Having six hours of sleep due to crazy work and social schedules with a mix of homework: that can create exhausti